Hi everyone. This will serve as my July and August monthly tidbit. Many of you are aware we relocated our office during the last week of June into the first week of July. We’re still in Tyrone however we’re located directly across from the Village Pantry and Dominos. It’s been a busy month to say the least!  

The stock market “wall of worry” seems to be steepening especially now that the media turns its focus to speculating on what the last half of 2021 will look like. Most dialogue is already focusing on what could go wrong thus poking the fear gauge in most of us. Don’t feed into that narrative. 

Most of the major indexes have been sort of sideways for the last several weeks. At times reaching new highs then almost immediately heading down a bit for a few days. My advice is you should expect more of the same in the near term. In fact, based on my regular reads and the charting I follow, it’s quite possible we see enough selling pressure in the coming weeks that the word correction could take center stage. Remember, corrections are normal and aren’t always foretelling of the next bear market. Right now, as of this writing, there is nothing on my radar that points to the next bear market.

In the meantime…………Stay Nimble, Be Tactical and Know What You Own