Recession. Trade wars. Inverted yield curve. Brexit. Negative interest rates. Impeachment. Crash. Financial Armageddon. Regardless of the information source, 2019 has been nothing short of a daily barrage of what I refer to as negative reinforcement. In fact, I believe I spent as much time reassuring clients as I did discussing investment selection or income planning during client meetings.

I understand all the above impact portfolios and I’m happy to discuss them. They play a big part in what drives my investment decisions and frankly distinguishes my work as an investment advisor. But consider apart from negative interest rates, all the above has been going on for centuries and likely to continue in some combination for the rest of our lives. While I believe it’s important to consider all information from a variety of sources, it’s just as important to consider the source. Knowing the source(s) enable’s clear, independent thinking which leads to making sound decisions regardless of the subject matter. What’s the message here? Thing’s aren’t always as some sources would have us believe.    

As 2019 comes to close take time to be faithful; be near to family and friends. To borrow a line from Tim McGraw’s hit Humble and Kind, “don’t forget to turn around and help the next one in line”.

As for Addie, she continues to go to Pittsburgh 4-6 times a month for chemo. She’s on schedule to begin 5 weeks of radiation therapy at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) late January or early February. Her parents have been exploring a variety of lodging options. They hope to find a house via Air BnB to rent for that 5-week period as Addie shouldn’t be around others due to the threat of viruses. Once that 5-week radiation regimen is over we start over with the chemo then back to radiation. This is expected to last into late April early May. Aside from the treatment days, Addie is quite the normal 3 ½ year old. My family and I have been humbled by and are most grateful for the outpouring of support, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all! 

Until next time……………….Stay nimble, be tactical and know what you own.

These are the opinions of Randy L. Miles, Sr. and not necessarily of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. These comments should not be deemed as an offer to buy or sell securities nor construed as investment advice.