Life has a way of reining us in from our daily routines, reminding us of what really matters. Friday, October 25th at 5:08 PM was one such occasion for me and my family. That’s when we learned our 3 ½ year old granddaughter Adeline (Addie) Miles was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In an instant, routines didn’t matter; perspective was placed into full view.

Addie has responded well to her first of what we’ve been told will be several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Furthermore, doctors tell us her prognosis is very good as her illness was caught very early thanks largely to Addie’s mommy and daddy acting on their instincts.

If you pray, please pray for Addie, her family and her medical team at Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. Hug those you love. Don’t take this thing called life for granted.