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July 2018

Struggling, flat, messy, puzzling…… a few words I use to describe the U.S. stocks market for the first half of 2018. Ironically the U.S. economy is humming. Sometimes the economy and stocks are in lock step with each other. Unfortunately the last 5 months hasn’t been...

April 2018

August 24th 2015 the S&P experiences a one day sell off of 4%.    Volatility is back. It has essentially been absent from the landscape for more than 2 years. Some are confused, most feel some level of concern and there are others that are convinced this is the...

January 2018

Those of you that have read past market updates know that I spend a good deal of time reading regular publications written by some of the most respected economists, renowned private money managers and global market analysts. I do this to objectively take stock (no pun...

July 2018

The media is good with buzz words like tariffs, isolationism, rising interest rates and others to support what moves the stock market especially on days when stock prices are down. Fundamentals in the US remain strong. Are you having difficulty seeing the forest for...

June 2018

So far, 2018 is shaping up to be a muddle through year. Frustrating, but patience and limited daily intake of media noise is my advice for now. Fundamentals remain solid but always stay nimble be tactical and know what you own.

May 2018

Dividends earned and shares owned are never lost during periods of volatility or corrections. Be patient and wary of media noise. Stay nimble, be tactical and know what you own.