Archived Monthly Tidbits


July 2018

The media is good with buzz words like tariffs, isolationism, rising interest rates and others to support what moves the stock market especially on days when stock prices are down. Fundamentals in the US remain strong. Are you having difficulty seeing the forest for...

June 2018

So far, 2018 is shaping up to be a muddle through year. Frustrating, but patience and limited daily intake of media noise is my advice for now. Fundamentals remain solid but always stay nimble be tactical and know what you own.

May 2018

Dividends earned and shares owned are never lost during periods of volatility or corrections. Be patient and wary of media noise. Stay nimble, be tactical and know what you own.

April 2018

After reaching an all-time high of 2873 January 26th, the S&P has been in a trading range of 2580 and 2790 for the last 6 weeks. Some are suggesting this could be the beginning of a bear market. Although a possibility, economic fundamentals continue to tell a...

March 2018

Climbing the wall of worry seems to be front and center again. Trends still favor stock. Try not to get spooked by market volatility and corrections. A good example of both is captured in the NASDAQ composite index for 1999. Check it out. Stay nimble, be tactical and...

February 2018

The contribution limit for 401(k) plans has been increased by $500 to a total of $18,500 for 2018. For those of you over age 50, you can squirrel away an extra $6,000 bringing the total deferral to $24,600.

January 2018

The New Year brings nothing new to the forecast. This bull continues to run. Stay nimble, be tactical and know what you own.

December 2017

Fear of a looming market correction, or worse, seems to occupy the bulk of daily media reports we’re fed.  Unfortunately good news doesn’t sell ads. According to the 12/1 (last Friday) report from the Institute for Supply Management respondents from the Machinery...

November 2017

There seems to be no letup in the strong economic data that continues to support a growing US economy and robust stock market. Yet the average number of shares traded on a daily basis is lessening of late and there’ve been many days where more stocks decline in price...

October 2017

Keep an eye on Utility, Tobacco and the stocks of companies you buy regular, everyday household items from. They’re considered staple / defensive stocks. These products or services are used or needed regardless of a bull or bear market. Although neither segment is in...

September 2017

Last month I likened the stock market to a box of chocolates. On any given day, ya never know what you’re gonna get. Remember August 24th 2015? The S&P pulled back 4%. Today (9/1/17) it’s within 1 point of an all-time high.

August 2017

Consumer confidence is at a 16 year high and major US stock indexes seem to break records every day. Although I feel this bull market remains in place, I’d liken this ride up to a box of chocolates. Stay long keeping in mind it’s been nearly 19 months since the S&P...

July 2017

In April’s Tidbit I wrote of climbing the wall of worry. It seems that wall is steepening with each passing day and the media noise does little to lessen fears. That said expect a continuance of up and down weeks on Wall Street while keeping in mind market...

June 2017

Unemployment is 4.3%. Since 2013, more stocks are trading at higher prices than those trading at lower prices. Any fly’s in the ointment? Other risks aside, Government debt including entitlements and pension obligations could trip up this bull.

May 2017

The good news, Q1 earnings have been and continue to come in strong. Revenues are beating estimates and Trump is pushing to slash corporate taxes to 15%. And then there’s news of the US Military moving naval defenses into the Korean peninsula and Russian built bombs...